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Facilitator in volunteering activities - online training course - English / Spanish / Italian / Romanian languages

22.06.20 bis 30.06.20
E-Learning/Online, international


The online course FACILITATOR IN VOLUNTEERING ACTIVITIES is for people working with groups of local, national and international volunteers. You will arrive in a gamified world with e-books, tools, videos, 3D game and much more!

During this course you will be supported in the following skills:

  • Gain knowledge about volunteering projects;
  • Identify skills and competences needed for a facilitator;
  • Understand essential aspects of facilitation;
  • Acknowledge the learning opportunities offered by volunteering activities;
  • Gain knowledge on time, stress, conflict and crisis management;
  • Identify and apply criteria to recruit volunteers;
  • Understand advantages of procedures in volunteering projects implementation;
  • Get familiar with specific and transversal competences expected from a facilitator. 

After the course:

you can enrol in the Advanced Module of the course, interact with other participants in an international context and further develop your competences as a Facilitator; you can join the non-formal network - community of practice for Facilitators in volunteering activities.




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